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My expectation for your disciple is to create an environment full of learning, love, Christ, and excitement. I try to give 100% every day and expect the same from my students. Whether taking notes or completing an assignment, it is essential that learners give their best efforts. 

Homework is always given with a specific deadline when assigned. Those assignments that require a short answer are expected to be done in complete sentences as well as have thought out complete answers giving as much information to answer the question as possible.  

Due to the fact that we do not have a textbook in our classroom, it will be imperative that students keep all of the information given to them, i.e.: supplemental readings, assignments, notes, and handouts, in their binders so that they are able to create a book of sorts and have the information in order to study for the tests.

Study guides for tests will be given approximately a week in advance and there may or may not be a work day in class for disciples to complete them. Study guides will be expected to be a complete as possible before they are gone over in class. This is to ensure that the material that students have questions is gone over and we do not spend time on material that students already have committed to memory or need little to no clarification on. They will always have the tools to be successful in my classroom; it will be their jobs to use the tools. 

Tests are comprised of multiple choice, short answer, matching, and essay. The same expectations as are on assignments apply to answers on the tests.

Students will be able to complete 2 current events articles a quarter for a total of 8 extra credit points in social studies. The document format can be found under the documents link on this website as well as a hard copy in my classroom. The article must also be included with the completed form. Students should fill out the worksheet in conjunction with the article filling in each section per the directions on the sheet.